Episode 7: The Red Shoes

 The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales edited by Jack Zipes, Song clip of Red Shoes by the Drugstore by Tom Waits from Blue Valentine. 

Episode 2: The Little Mermaid

An under water kingdom, the pursuit of an eternal soul and unrequited love. The classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen


Books of reference: The Annotated Classic Fairy Tale By Maria Tatar, The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales Edited By Jack Zipes, Hans Christian Andersen His Fairy Tale life by Hjordis Varmer-Lilian Brogger, Hans Christian Andersen The Life of a Storyteller by Jackie Wullschlager  

Episode 1: Vasilisa The Fair

Vasilisa The Fair: A mother’s last blessing, jealous stepsisters and a dominating stepmother. This fairy tale is a story of all this and a lovely young girl trying to survive it all. 

Books of reference for this episode: The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar, The Irresistible Fairy Tale by Jack Zipes, Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales by Jan M. Ziokowski, Russian Fairy Tales Collected by Alexander Afanas’ev and Russian Fairy Tales A Choice Collection of Muscovite Folk-lore by William Ralston Shedden Ralston